Together (TG3110/C1)



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Together – is a manufacturer of quality eyeglasses frames at an affordable price.
Butterfly-shaped glasses are similar to cat's eye-shaped glasses. This shape of the glasses is very suitable for the shape of an elongated face.
Metal - The eyeglasses frames that are made of metal create a minimalist image.They are light and adjustable nose pads are almost always attached to them for maximum comfort.
Women - Women's glasses are distinguished by a variety of colors and patterns, as well as elegant, unique shapes that highlight a woman's natural beauty and character.
Fullrim - The closed type glasses are strong and durable, because the lenses are covered with metal or plastic frames. This type of frames are recommended for people with high diopters.
Orange - Orange eyeglasses frames or sunglasses with orange lenses look playful and summery, so you won’t go unnoticed with them.
Numele de marcă Together
Lenght 145
Înălţime 51
Lăţime 20
Sexe Women
Material Metal
Culoarea cadrului Orange
Tip Fullrim
EAN 2020001465798